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Intercontinental TopCashBack Offer Ends Early

Yesterday I posted about the 21% TopCashBack offer on Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts bookings. The offer page showed the deal to be valid for 3 more days, after which it would drop to 15%. That was less than 24 hours ago, yet it has already been replaced with the 15% offer. This is foul on TCB’s part and I imagine some people who intended to book at the last minute will be disappointed. They have issued an apology, but no explanation for why they pulled the deal before its expiration date.

If you planned on taking advantage of this promo, I recommend sending TCB an email requesting the original 21% offer. The current 15% cash back offer will be valid for the next six days, though I wouldn’t bet on it considering the previous offer was pulled two days earlier.

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