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IHG Rewards Club Hotels Changing Categories on May 1

Last week IHG Rewards Club announced significant changes to the rewards program, including the fact that 450 hotels would be changing categories on May 1, 2015. IHG has just released the list of IHG Rewards Club hotels changing categories on May 1, giving you plenty of time to adjust your hotel bookings to ensure you’re not overpaying for your award stay. It appears 300 hotels will be moving up in category and 150 will be moving down, which isn’t bad considering IHG has over 4800 hotels worldwide.

Be sure to scroll through the list and check for any hotels where you either have or want to make a booking. If a hotel you want to book is going up in category, you must make your reservation before May 1 to get the lower booking rate. On the same note, if a hotel is moving down after May 1, you’ll want to hold off on booking until after the changes are implemented.

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  1. Hey there Ariana! I’ve been reading your page for a while now but this whole living in North Carolina thing is bumming me out. I’ve had no luck with Red Bird and with Serve cancelling CC loads my manufactured spending has come down to a nice, round 0. Any tips or suggestions for a North Carolinian that doesn’t travel outside the state often?

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