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IHG Bringing Back the Big Win in 2014!

IHG Rewards Big Win Promotion 2013

Who says everything is going to hell next year? (guilty) IHG Rewards Club has just announced via Twitter that they are running another Big Win promotion in 2014! This is very exciting, as I raked in over 50,000 points during the current Big Win promotion for minimum out of pocket cost (largely thanks to my work-paid mattress run).

Registration for the 2014 Big Win opens up on Monday morning. Once the promotion period is announced, I’ll do another write up on how to earn the maximum bonus cheaply. There’s still time to participate in the current Big Win promotion, which ends on December 31, 2013.

A Best Redemption series for IHG Club Rewards is on it’s way, so you can check out all the ways to put your points to use.

Are you going to participate in next year’s Big Win promotion?

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  1. We like ING, and glad they are still offering us good deals, I would hate to see any of these companies go under…

    So nice to have them all,

    Keep up the good work,

  2. yayyyyyy!!! I earned 80k from this years big win. I’d love to game it again!

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