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iConsumer Finally Paid Me…And it Only Took 4 Months

I started using the iConsumer cash back portal back in January, after they offered a particularly generous cash back offer of 1.6% at I was well aware that payouts took 90 days. But man was it hard to sit around and wait for it to come through! I continued using iConsumer for many more gift card purchases and they did in fact track them all, which was encouraging. I briefly switched to using Yazing, which offered 2% cash back at Initially I was worried about using Yazing, since they don’t have a dashboard where you can track your purchases. However, Yazing came through with a super fast payout just a month later, so I continued using them. Now, nearly four months later, I’m happy to report I’ve received my first payout from iConsumer:

iConsumer cash back payment
My first payment from iConsumer

Of the $400+ I’m owed, they sent me a check for $96.79 on April 30. I haven’t received it yet, but I’m sure it will be here any day. The payout took a bit longer than anticipated, but it turns out there was some issue with my profile being incomplete that prevented the payout from happening – I didn’t receive an email about this, I just noticed a message on the website that my profile was incomplete and after I filled everything out, the payment was processed. 

Going forward, as long as the cash back rates are the same, I will continue using Yazing for gift card purchases. They’ve been reliable so far, sending me emails confirming that purchases were tracked, they pay out much faster than iConsumer, and payouts are deposited into my PayPal account, from which I can conveniently withdraw the funds with my PayPal Debit Card.

Have you received your iConsumer payout yet? How long did it take? 

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  1. Still waiting for an iConsumer check , got paid from Yazing super fast!

  2. What do you buy at and what do you do with them?

  3. ShawnO14

    None of my 4 purchases through yazing seem to have tracked. no emails, confirming any tracking. emailed Yazing, and they were responsive, but also did not show any purchases for me. Referred a friend to Yazing and same thing, purchases to did not track. I switched to Iconsumer. It’s too bad Yazing will not track, as I would prefer to use them.

    • Robert Szabo

      1. Clean up your browser: especially cash memory and cookies!
      2. Allow cookie tracking!
      3. Deactivate your anti-virus or any blocking software you may have on your computer, during purchase!
      4. Try to purchase again

      • Shawno14

        I will give those a try. I did already try two different browsers, and neither tracked. Also those same browsers have tracked with other portals.
        -On a side note, coincidentally, 5 minutes after my post I received a reply back from Yazing regarding the support ticket I had previously opened. All 4 transactions were credited to me by Yazing now! -These were credited manually by Yazing, so I still need to fix whatever is preventing the tracking on my end.

  4. After reading your blog I switched from buying Visa gcs at Simon Mall to through Yazing. Feel much better that I am spending less in the end and that my name is on the card when it comes time to liquidate through money orders. Thanks

  5. Robert Szabo

    My purchases from did NOT track! My visits to their “partner stores” did, but not the purchases! So, I lost the money!
    After opening a ticket, they told me that the problem is on my end! Then, they suggested I open a missing purchase ticket. Per their instructions, tracking a lost purchase will take up to 60 days. Will see what happens, but in the mean time, I will be purchasing from Yazing, since, so far, they confirmed my every purchase via email!

    • Good call on using Yazing. I’m very happy with their tracking and payout times so far. Thankfully my iConsumer purchases did track but its taking FOREVER.

      • Robert Szabo

        By the way, I got a reply from iConsumer today. Here it is:

        “We’re sorry. GiftCards has informed us that they will not be giving iConsumer (and therefore you) credit for this transaction. The brand has indicated that this transaction originated at a site other than iConsumer and therefore ineligible for Cash Back.

        Therefore, we’re not getting any cash back to share with you. Their decision is out of our control and is final.”

        Money lost, lesson learned!

  6. Thanks for the heads up- I logged into my and my wife’s accounts and they both needed the address updated for the payout.

  7. Robert Szabo

    I read one of Ariana’s past posts where I found a statement that made me wonder if I’m doing something wrong! (I also replied to that post, but since it’s old, I decided to post my question here, as well.
    Can anyone please explain this, because I’m not getting the same result when I do the math:

    “Currently, both iConsumer and Yazing are offering 1.5% cash back on purchases, which is great because on a maximum $2,500 order, the shipping and gift card fees are pretty much all off-set and leave you with a small profit.”

    My calculation:
    Fees: $6.95/$500
    Shipping: $1.99/$500
    If I purchase 4x$500 the expenses are $35.76
    Yazing cash back for this is: $30.42
    So, per my calculation, there is a loss of $5.34 / $2000 worth of gift cards.
    If we factor in the liquidation fee of $0.70 / $1000, then that leaves us with a total loss of $6.74 / $2000.
    So, by doing this, the cost per mile is $0.00337

    Am I doing something wrong?

  8. I have not gotten any payment from My first purchase from them is on January.
    My address info is correct.

  9. Hi all! First thanks for trying iConsumer. We are member-owned and want to hear from our users. iConsumer is currently looking into a digital payment solution to provide more convenience for our consumers and our main point of differentiation is offering a piece on ownership in the company via shares in iConsumer. We do pay out approximately 90 days after your transaction has been reported to us, and after we owe you at least $25. We process checks once a month. Feel free to ask us specific questions about your account at – just open a ticket!

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