Hyatt Gift Card Promotions: 10% Discount vs. $50 Bonus

1. The $50 bonus gift card per $500 purchase applies only to e-gift cards. Taking advantage of the 10% discount, on the other hand, gets you access to both plastic and e-gift cards. With shipping being waived, you’re not incurring any additional charges for choosing the 10% discount promotion to purchase plastic gift cards. Do keep in mind, though, that plastic gift cards won’t be shipped out until January 5. 

2. Plastic gift cards can be purchased in increments of up to $100 while egift cards come in  denominations of up to $500. 

3. While both promotions appear to offer the same savings (even factoring in the 5% rebate from the Amex OPEN program), that is not the case. Buying $550 in Hyatt gift cards is cheaper through the 10% discount promotion than the $50 bonus card offer. Here is how it breaks down:

View from the Hyatt Carmel Highlands
View from the Hyatt Carmel Highlands

10% Hyatt Gift Card Discount

  • $550 Hyatt gift card after the 10% discount costs $495
  • The 5% Amex OPEN rebate brings the cost down to $470.25 for $550 worth of gift cards 

$50 Bonus Gift Card per $500 egift card

  • Purchasing a $500 Hyatt egift card comes with a bonus $50 gift card, for a total of $550
  • The 5% Amex OPEN rebate brings the cost down to $475 for $550 worth of gift cards

Cardpool is currently offering $467.50 cash for $550 worth of Hyatt gift cards. If you were to sell $550 in Hyatt gift cards to Cardpool, your loss would be lower on the 10% discount ($2.75) than the $50 gift card bonus ($7.50). Even if you’re not looking to resell the gift cards but plan on using them for upcoming travel, you would end up paying less for $550 in Hyatt gift cards with the 10% discount than with the $50 bonus gift promotion. 

Those are my two cents on the two Hyatt gift card sales going on right now. It’s a good time to stock up on Hyatt gift cards, especially if you’ve got your travel plans mapped out for next year and plan on staying at Hyatt hotels. Even on an award stay, these gift cards can come in handy for on-site meals, spa treatments, resort fees, etc. 

If you’re interested in joining Cardpool, I’ll earn a $5 if you use my referral link (yes, I will probably spend it all in one place). This is a great way to meet some spend on your Amex OPEN cards or save on future Hyatt stays.

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  1. Didn’t receive the 5% OPEN credit on my recent egift card order. Anyone else had success getting 5% rebate on egift orders?

  2. Plastic gift cards can go up to $2000 in denomination (need to choose other amount), however Cardpool will only buy up to 1k

  3. Silver springer

    I am still using a $1000 Hyatt gift card I got from milepoint; it comes in handy for Hyatt stays but hotels have difficulty in applying them to a stay It sometimes takes two or more tries.

  4. is it possible to purchase the Hyatt check for cardpool to buy them back ?

  5. thanks for the update! how was your experience with card pool honoring on buying back and process payments ? I just read tons of horrible reviews about the company.

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