Hospitality on The Road Less Traveled: Join #TRLT Tomorrow at 10 AM (PT)/1 PM (ET)!

This week’s #TRLT (The Road Less Traveler) twitter chat will cover the topic of hospitality on the road less traveled. Join me and Shane and Savannah on Tuesday, November 19 at 10:00 AM (PT)/1:00 PM (ET). Below is a list of questions we’ll go over during the chat.

Q1: How does hospitality on The Road Less Traveled compare to popular tourist destinations. Can you explain the difference?

Q2: What is the most hospitable country you have visited?

Q3: Describe the most hospitable gesture you’ve encountered on The Road Less Traveled?

Q4: What hospitality practice on The Road Less Traveled would you like to see adopted in your own society.

Q5:  Do you have any advice for new travelers on The Road Less Traveled on dealing with the hospitality that is offered?

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