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Highest Cash Back Portal Payouts on Hotel Bookings

Get upwards of 9% off at the Intercontinental Clement Monterey
Get upwards of 9% off at the Intercontinental Clement Monterey

With hotel rewards programs offering discounts and bonus points on paid stays, it’s a great time to book a year-end vacation. Aside from the great deals to be had, there are also some generous cash back portal deals that are worth stacking them with. Many of them exclude certain brands from earning cash back and often discounted rates like the Hyatt My Elite Rate aren’t eligible, so it’s important to weight the value of cash back portal payouts against the savings offered by non-eligible rates. That being said, below is an outline of the current highest cash back portal payouts offered on hotel bookings:

Club Carlson

  • Top Cash Back – 5% cash back (excludes Park Inn, Radisson Blue and Hotel Missoni)
  • Extrabux – 4% cash back (excluding Rad Park Inn, Radisson Blu, and Hotel Missoni)
  • Big Crumbs – 3% cash back (excludes Park Inn, Radisson Blu, and Hotel Missoni)
  • Ebates – 3% cash back at Radisson Blu and Park Inn, 2.5% elsewhere (excludes and Hotel Missoni)


  • Bank of America Cash Rewards BankAmeriDeals – 10% cash back


  • Top Cash Back – 3% cash back
  • Ebates – 2.5% cash back
  • Extrabux – 2% cash back


  • Ebates – 9% cash back Intercontinental, 8% on all others
  • Top Cash Back – 8.5% cash back at Intercontinental, 5% cash back at Holiday Inn Express
  • Extrabux – 8% cash back (on all IHG)


  • Top Cash Back – 5% cash back (excludes Ritz Carlton, ExecuStay, BVLGARI, Grand Residences)
  • Shop Discover – 5% cash back
  • Big Crumbs – 3% cash back (Autograph Collection, Riyadh Marriott, Aspen, Cosmopolitan)
  • Ebates – 2.5% cash back
  • Extrabux – 2% cash back (excludes Ritz Carlton, ExecuStay, BVLGARI, Grand Residences, Cosmopolitan).


  • Top Cash Back – 3% cash back

While 2-9% cash back may not seem significant, it adds up when you combine it with discounted hotel rates, bonus point promotions, and credit card rewards. Keep in mind that if a hotel promotion requires you to enter a code to receive a particular discount and that code isn’t supported by the shopping portal you’re using, you won’t be earning cash back on the booking. In some cases, it makes more sense to forego the cash back in favor of a mobile booking bonus like the one offered by Hyatt or Club Carlson. It all depends on the rate you’re paying, so do double check and make sure you’re getting the most out of your booking.

To stay up to date on the highest cash back portal payouts, be sure to check cashbackmonitor and cashbackholic. They tend to offer the most comprehensive list, though they don’t list Shop Discover or Ultimate Rewards, which evreward does.

If you don’t have an account with the above mentioned cash back portals, here comes the part where I shamelessly plug my referral link:

Are you going to make use of these cash back portal bonuses, or will it be mobile booking bonuses all the way?

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  1. There is a 10% cashback deal for Hilton & Embassy Suites through BofA Cash Rewards BankAmeriDeals 🙂

  2. also I just typed Marriott into cashback monitor and it does show Shop Discover

  3. Don’t forget 3% cashback for Starwood properties with

  4. I am always confused about whether this has to be a prepaid booking. If I just reserve but does not pay during reservation does the portal also post the cashback? Thanks!

  5. Is there a way to stack cashback (via ebates for example) on top of an airline/hotel miles/points portal bonus?

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