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Get a Fee Waiving Promo Code for Ordering American Express Gift Cards

Cash back on American Express Gift Card

Recently I’ve written quite a bit about American Express gift cards and how through May 15, Amex is offering $0 fees on gift card purchases with promo code FPMOM. However if you purchase gift cards now, you may get a promo code waiving future purchase fees, which are $3.95 per card. That’s what happened when I placed my order through Big Crumbs today. In the email notifying me that my order had been approved, there was a promo code waiving the purchase fee “on every order” through June 30, 2014.

I usually don’t look at these approval emails too closely and nearly missed the blue box with the code in it. If you’re buying American Express gift cards regularly (i.e. every two weeks), this is something worth looking out for. Keep in mind if the code isn’t also listed by the shopping portal you’re using, you may miss out on cash back. There are various reports of some folks using the codes and having success with cash back posting from shopping portal click-throughs.

For a cost-effective but risk-averse approach, consider signing up for a free trial of the Amex Premium Shipping plan and get shipping fees waived for 90 days. If you’re buying cards every two weeks, you’re looking at substantial savings.

Have you gotten a discount code via email? What has been your experience combining these codes with a shopping portal?

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  1. I made a purchase using the BC site last night and received the approval email from AE this morning. I too was given a promo code stating, “100% off the purchase fee on every order through 6/30/2014.” I might give it a go after the fee waiver codes dry up. Thanks for the heads up as I would have not noticed the offer if I had not read your post.

  2. Aww I didn’t get it, but I had ordered through the Barclay rewardsboost portal. Maybe only from BC?

  3. I normally don’t read confirmation emails, but I did notice it in a confirmation email I got on a Saturday order. I hope it shows up on TopCashBack.

    • Actually, I just checked my email: I’ve received 2 standalone emails over 2 days with this offer with an expiration of 7/31, as well as the offer embedded in both the confirmation and shipping emails.

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