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Free Points and Cash: $20 Off $300 MasterCard Gift Cards at Office Max

I stopped by my local Office Max today and came across a pretty great promotion on MasterCard gift cards: Get $20 off when you purchase $300 worth of MasterCard gift cards. The store was selling these gift cards in $100 increments, with a $5.95 fee per card. Picking up $300 in gift cards would typically cost $17.85 in fees, but with this promotion I came ahead $2.15 (don’t worry, I’m not quitting my day job yet) and banked 1,500 points with my Chase Ink Plus card.

The employees at this location can be real sticklers for following “rules” that don’t exist. Last time they ran a promotion, there were no limits specified, yet the cashier wouldn’t let me buy more than two sets of whatever the deal was they were running. Thankfully, my cousin works at this store so I’ll be making another trip tomorrow when she can ring me up (which, for the record, is not against any rules).

So check your local Office Max for this promotion and be sure to use your Chase Ink Bold/Ink Plus card to earn 5 points per $1.

You can use these Mastercard gift cards to pay every day expenses or unload them onto your Amex Bluebird card and use it to pay off credit cards, rent/mortgage, and even other people.

According to this FT thread, there have been some issues around unloading these gift cards at the Walmart register, though this seems to vary by location. I would still recommend participating in this promotion –  you’re not coming out of pocket to earn points and you can always use the gift cards on daily spending.

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  1. Why the big Staples logo for an OfficeMax promo? You had me excited with the Staples Logo but No officeMax stores in these parts 🙁

  2. Don’t forget free $25 at Radio Shack if you turn in any 5 working electronics

    • PointChaser

      At $5 at piece I’d rather try to sell electronics on ebay. Any reports on cheap stuff you can turn in for profit?

      • I traded in really old stuff that is worthless in eBay. PS2 controllers, wired routers, 2.1 Megapixel digital camera from 2001, video games, fm tuner, old headphones, 256mb MP3 player, GPS that can’t hold a charge. Wife and I got $50 total which we bought an Amazon gift card.

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