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FREE $25 Simon Mall Gift Card This Weekend!

Headed to Simon Mall this weekend? Then you’ll want to check your email because all VIP Shoppers are eligible for a free $25 Simon Giftcard. All you have to do is go to Simon Guest Services and show them this email to receive a free $25 Simon Giftcard.

Simon Mall Free Gift Card

This isn’t as exciting as Simon Mall’s fee-free days, but it’s an easy $25 reward for doing nothing. For me, this is a reminder to follow through on my plan to pick up at least $9500 worth of gift cards every week. This free $25 Simon Giftcard helps cover a third of the fees.

If you’re not a member of the VIP Shopper’s Club, be sure to sign up ASAP. Not just for this promotion, but because you’ll get notifications when they run their discounted Visa gift card promotions.

Is your local Simon Mall running a $25 gift card promotion this weekend?

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  2. This looks specific to only Simon Outlet Malls. I’m not sure the regular Simon Malls are participating in this promotion.

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  4. Unfortunately didnt receive the email 🙁 Thanks for sharing anyway! !

  5. it seems that your blog should said “targeted” rather than “all VIP Shoppers are eligible”. I didn’t get the email and our local mall is not offering this promotion.

  6. You’re such an inspiration! I’d love to read the June, 2018 edition of which gift cards you buy, what credit cards you use, how you liquidate $9,500 in cards a week, and whether a bank or credit card company has ever shut you down for manufactured spending.

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