Don’t Miss #TRLT on Tuesday at 10 AM (PT): Music on The Road Less Traveled

The weekly #TRLT chat I co-host has been doing very well. We now have nearly 100 participants every week, all of them well-versed in all things travel. If you’re looking for travel ideas, this chat is the place to be. We recently set up a Facebook Group, which has been picking up steam.

This week’s topic will be music on the road less traveled. The chat starts at 10 AM (PT) and the questions are as follows:

Q1. Has traveling on The Road Less Traveled affected your musical taste?

Q2. Do you familiarize yourself with a destination’s music on The Road Less Taveled? How? via @Ilanaontheroad

Q3. Which country/continent’s music do you enjoy the most and why?

Q4. Do you buy local music CDs or check out street musician/buskers on The Road Less Traveled? via @lilyriani

Q5. Have you ever seen a popular band/artist on The Road Less Traveled or at a unique location? via  @WayfaringFamily

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