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Club Carlson Double Elite Nights Promotion: Mattress Run Worthy?

Club Carlson Faster Free Nights: Double Elite Night Promotion

Club Carlson is running a targeted promotion, offering double elite nights through December 23, 2013. This means you’ll need to complete half the number of nights normally needed for elite status. Club Carlson typically requires 15 nights/10 stays for Silver, 35 nights/20 stays for Gold, and 75 nights/30 stays for Concierge status. Through this promotion, only the first 20 nights of each stay count as double elite nights. If you already have status, the nights accumulated through this promotion count as elite rollover nights towards next year’s status.

You can get Silver status after 8 nights, Gold after 18, and Concierge after 38 nights. While typically it’s easier to obtain elite status through stays rather than nights, this promotion changes that for all levels – except for Concierge, where you’re better off earning based on stays (30) rather than nights (38). Using the Virginia Beach, VA market as an example (it’s one of the cheapest hotel markets in the country), I’ll demonstrate a way to complete this mattress run for under $70 per night, including taxes.

Summary of Elite Status:

  • Silver members (15 nights/10 stays): Get a 2,000 point online booking bonus, complimentary upgrades (when available), 25% bonus points, rollover nights (extra elite nights will carry over to the next year), 10% off food and beverage at select hotels.
  • Gold members (35 nights/20 stays): 2,000 point online booking bonus, 0% bonus points, 15% discount on food and beverages, and an in-room welcome gift.
  • Concierge level (75 nights/30 stays): 3,000 point booking bonus, 75% bonus points, complimentary breakfast, and global concierge access.

The Country Inn & Suites Williamsburg East has rates throughout November and select dates in December for $67.10 total.

Assuming you have no status now, during the mattress run you’d earn the following:

  • 18,736 Gold Points total for reaching Silver, at a cost of $536.80: ($67.10 per night x 8 nights x 20 points/$1 spent + 8,000 point online booking bonus)
  • 58,195 Gold Points total for reaching Gold, at a cost of $1,207.80: ($67.10 per night x 18 nights x 20 points/$1 spent + 6,039 elite bonus + 28,000 point online booking bonus)
  • 128,680 Gold Points total for reaching Concierge at a cost of $2,549.80: ($67.10 per night x 30 nights x 20 points/$1 spent + 12,078 elite bonus + 59,000 online bookings bonus)

1st – 8th night: 20 points/$1 + 2,000 nightly online booking bonus = 26,736 points

9th -18th night: 20 points/$1 + 25% elite bonus + 2,000 nightly online booking bonus = 13,420 + 3,355 + 20,000 = 36,775

18th – 30th night: 20 points/$1 + 50% bonus + 3,000 nightly online booking = 17,446 + 8,723 elite + 39,000 = 65,169

All in all, this is a pretty pricey way to earn status with Club Carlson. Is it worth it? The benefits of the program are generous, but if you can manage to get top-tier Hyatt Gold Passport status for the same cost, you at least get four annual upgrade certificates. A better way to get elite status would be through the Club Carlson Premier Visa Signature card. Still, this is a good promotion for those who have the majority of their elite qualifications under their belt and need a few extra nights to meet their targets.

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