How I Saved $200 With Citi Price Rewind

Up until this point, I thought of Citi Price Rewind as a nice marketing bullet point that probably didn’t work or wasn’t worth the effort. Either way, I probably wouldn’t use it since I rarely make purchases big enough to make this benefit worthwhile. Then an item I purchased from West Elm went on sale and Citi Price Rewind saved me $200! Needless to say, I was onboard with Citi Price Rewind.


Back in November, I purchased an Andes Art Deco bed from West Elm and it was delivered in January. That’s also when my Citi Prestige card was charged for the purchase. The bed normally costs $1299, but I got 20% off during a sale and the total with taxes and fees came to $1,385.25. That’s pricey for a bed (considering a similar one on Wayfair costs half the price), but it was exactly what I wanted and some of the cheaper alternatives I found elsewhere didn’t have the same pointy brass legs or distressed velvet fabric I wanted. Ultimately, I got what I wanted at a discount, so I was happy.

My Dilemma

Then the bed arrived and it wasn’t the color I was expecting. West Elm has a no-return policy on custom furniture, so I began looking into Citi’s Return Protection. Unfortunately, furniture was excluded from Citi’s Return Protection policy. I was disappointed and reached out to West Elm to see if they’d make an exception. Their customer service reps were awesome and agreed to let me swap out the bed for the actual color I wanted.

On top of that, they offered me 10% off for the “inconvenience” and because the bed was now on sale. For $240 less than I bought it for. Understandably, West Elm wouldn’t do a price adjustment this late, so I decided to check out Citi Price Rewind.

Citi Price Rewind claim submission process

The process for submitting a Price Rewind claim was fairly easy. I logged in, chose the card I purchased the item with, then entered the item name into the search.

Citi Price Rewind landing page
Citi Price Rewind landing page
Citi Price Rewind product search
Citi Price Rewind product search

The results turned up a few different options. I choose the title that matched what I selected from the West Elm website. Note, the image doesn’t have to be accurate, just the title.

Citi Price Rewind search results
Citi Price Rewind search results

After I picked my item, I had to enter basic information, like quantity, purchase price, date of purchase, and merchant name. Then I uploaded the purchase receipt (which was a screenshot of my confirmation email) and selected the option to receive a statement credit. The statement credit takes just 2-3 business days to be applied, while a check can take two weeks. 

Citi Price Rewind claim submission
Citi Price Rewind claim submission

Once a claim is submitted, Citi will verify the information and apply a credit if your purchase qualifies. I submitted my claim on February 25. On March 6, I got an email saying my claim was approved and I would receive the maximum $200 Price Rewind Credit.

Citi Price Rewind claim approval
Citi Price Rewind claim approval

It took a little longer than I expected and I was concerned the sale would end by then, but Citi came through. I was thrilled! I had now saved a total of $330 on this purchase that I already got 20% off on. 

Final thoughts on Citi Price Rewind

If you’re making any big purchases on your Citi credit cards, it’s absolutely worth it to utilize the Price Rewind tool for additional savings. For me, it basically offset half the $495 annual fee on the Citi Prestige card. And it made me feel better about spending $1,300 on a bed…even though it’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect.

Have you successfully used Citi Price Rewind? How much did you manage to save on your purchase?

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  1. Ariana,

    Earny is a great app that will automatically look for Citi Price rewinds as well as adjustments for Amazon purchases. It automatically applies for and captures these rewards for you.


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