Celebrities Who Fly Southwest

Last week Al Gore was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, pretending to be a regular Joe. He talked about flying Southwest and getting bypassed by Group A d-bags. Al Gore flies Southwest without special privileges. How very Kate Middleton.

We all saw the private jet on “An Inconvenient Truth,” so his PR person must have had a lot of fun concocting that anecdote. Celebrities who do actually fly Southwest include Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, and Mr. Yeezus himself, Kanye West.

Mike Tyson is apparently also a Rapid Rewards member. This weekend I flew to Las Vegas for a conference. My flight was out Sacramento and when I arrived at the gate, there was a huge group crowded around someone, snapping photos. I made my way closer and instantly recognized the face tattoo – it was none other than Mr. “I’m going to eat your children.” I snapped a few shots and took in the scene for a while. He took a photo with every single person who asked (there were a lot of people), and seemed to be in good spirits. I imagine with his perpetual downward spiral, he was happy to still be recognized and admired by people.

Mike Tyson Flying Southwest
Mike Tyson at Sacramento Airport

Sure enough, he was in boarding Group A. When I passed him on the way to my seat, he was smiling and almost giddy. I imagine the enthusiastic reception raised his spirits. It was an uneventful flight and people pretty much left him alone, myself included.

I have no idea what Mike Tyson was doing in Sacramento of all places, but he definitely livened up an otherwise sleepy airport.

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