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Cash Back Portals Temporarily Deactivate

Update: As of March 31, 2016 has re-activated their affiliate links.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the grim reaper making another appearance. I got a message from Adam Viener, founder of Yazing, that has temporarily deactivated their affiliate tracking network. This means cash back portals like iConsumer and Yazing won’t be able to offer cash back on purchases made through these cash back portals. The move is temporary and happens from time to time, as Adam explained, to cover their commissions. 

Error when you click try to access through iConsumer
Error when you click try to access through iConsumer

As I reported last week, I’ve been using Yazing to earn cash back on my orders and got paid for the first time a week ago. Initially I wasn’t sure about Yazing’s ability to track purchases, but the payment came through and I plan on using the portal again once the links are back. In the mean time, enjoy this small break in your gift card churning routine…

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  1. Hi Ariana,

    I’ve been using Yazing since you first mentioned the 2.0% cash back. The payment time has been timely. One thing I do like is that Adam is very prompt with responses. Only down fall with yazing is there is no way to track when you went to the portal a feature Iconsumer does have. Hopefully Adam will have this feature in the near future. Did Adam mention when giftcard mall will be back online?

    Thank you

    • I agree – the response time has been great. From what I’ve heard, the dashboard is something they’re working on. The good news is they do send you an email when you transaction has been tracked, so you at least have some kind of confirmation that they’re keeping track of your purchase. He doesn’t have an exact date but sounds like it might be a few days.

  2. Yeah, any ETA on coming back?

  3. I was expecting this. Since I will be on vacation and won’t be able to place any orders any way, it doesn’t affect me much.

  4. What is the best VGC to purchase?

  5. has back online.

  6. Anyone have issues or experience with them continually canceling orders? I ordered a lot from them 2 weeks ago and they started canceling orders so I took a week off. Now I tried to reorder from them and I can’t for the life of me get an order to go through (tried a bunch of different credit cards)…

    • This is through and not usually doesnt have many problems. GCM is just a waste of time and the worst company I’ve ever dealt with on any front (even though they now are owned by the same company)…

    • I’ve heard this from a few readers now but it hasn’t happened to me yet (except when my card was declined). I would go for a lower number – try $2k and see if that goes through.

    • Could it be credit card company declined it? It happened to me recently that one of my orders got cancelled due to “Payment Unable to be Processed”. I called the CC and they were worried it’s a fraudulent transaction. Everything got cleared and I was able to place a 2nd order on

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