Review: Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag

A couple of months ago I was looking for luggage and the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport piqued my interest. I wanted a hardside international carry-on bag with a front pocket and there weren’t many reasonable options out there. Away Travel had a hardshell carry-on with a front pocket, but it cost $275. The Passport was on sale for $119 on Amazon, so I picked it up in time for my trip to Turkey this past summer.

90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag review
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Quality

Not knowing what to expect from a brand I’d never heard of, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport bag. The most important aspect of a carry-on, other than size and weight, is the sturdiness of the handle and wheels. The handle was perfectly firm and the wheels moved swiftly, enabling me to easily maneuver the bag around. Even if it was a little overstuffed and heavier than normal.

The quality was very good overall – the wheels, handle, zippers and the shell itself. The color appeared somewhat blue on the IndieGoGo page, but the Amazon listing is more accurate. It’s a light grey, with a dark grey front pocket. It looks sleek and was easy to spot at baggage claim.

Review of Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Hardside Carry-on Bag with Front Pocket
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Hardside Carry-on bag with front pocket

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on  Dimensions

The Xiaomi 90FUN Passport measures in at 22 x 14.6 x 9 and weighs 7.9 pounds. I was initially concerned it would be too small. I’m a light packer but I was flying to Turkey for a wedding and a trip to Cappadocia. I needed to be able to fit an evening gown, a couple of dressy outfits, a makeup bag, two pairs of heels and two week’s worth of clothes in that bag. This is as heavy as I’ll ever pack, so I knew it would be perfect for all other trips when I’d travel with even less stuff.

90FUN Passport Carry-on Luggage Interior
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag Interior

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Interior

The Xiaomi 90FUN Passport carry-on bag features two storage areas divided by a zipped compartment. On the left, you’ll find plenty of space to pack clothes that need to be secured with a strap. On the right, you’ve got a little bit more space for bigger items like shoes.

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on interior compartments
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on interior compartments

In the middle, you can store liquids and whatever else you need to keep separate from the rest of your stuff.

For the trip to Turkey, I found the amount of space adequate. I picked up some new packing cubes and was able to perfectly organize and fit all of my stuff into the two compartments. I did have to sit on the bag to zip it up all the way, but that’s pretty much a given with any carry-on. More recently, I used this bag on a week-long trip to Shanghai and had no problem fitting everything I needed in there.

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Front Pocket

The Xiaomi 90FUN Passport carry-on bag has been dubbed “the perfect bag for gadget lovers” and the front pocket is definitely evidence of that. Zip it open and you’ll find padded slots for your laptop, tablet, and cables. There’s also a strap that goes across two of the pockets, securing your gadgets even further.

Review Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Outside Pocket
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Outside Pocket

Because the bag was fuller than normal, it did bulge out into the front pocket, resulting in less space. So I wasn’t able to comfortably fit my laptop, my niece’s iPad and all our chargers in there. I decided to check my bag and brought along an extra laptop bag to hold my computer. The Passport still had plenty of room for the other electronics.

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Bag with Front Pocket
Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Bag with Front Pocket

When I traveled to Shanghai last month, I packed way less stuff. This enabled me to utilize the front pocket to store my laptop. The padding keeps it safe and accessing your computer in the middle of the flight is very easy. You don’t even have to take your bag out of the overhead. 

Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on TSA Lock

The Xiaomi 90FUN Passport bag comes with a TSA Lock. The default code is set to zero, though you can change it by following the instructions in the box. I have yet to read those instructions, so we’ll skip that for now…

TSA Lock on the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag
TSA Lock on the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag

Final Thoughts on the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport Carry-on Bag

Overall, I’m very happy with how the Passport held up on both trips. It checked all the boxes and turned out to be a very durable, high-quality piece of luggage. My sister ended up ordering one for herself because she was so impressed by it (and because my advice about traveling light finally got through to her after she took two large bags with her to Turkey).

I really like this bag and think it’s a bargain compared to what other brands like Away are offering. If you’re in the market for a durable hardside carry-on bag with a front pocket, I would highly recommend the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport carry-on bag. It’s the perfect size, durable, sleek, high quality and reasonably priced.

Disclosure: This post contains my Amazon Affiliate link. I will receive a commission if you purchase the Xiaomi 90FUN Passport carry-on bag with this link. 

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  1. You had me until I found out the case itself weighs 10 pounds. So many European airlines give you a max allowance of 10kg (22lbs) these days which makes it hard to pack!!

  2. Isn’t the long dimension (including wheels) 22″?

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