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British Airways Offering a Better Island Vacation?

Like every other points addict, I like a good deal. I’m the girl who used to haggle with the ice cream man over the price of a Choco Taco (and always came away paying less than the other kids). But what I don’t like is when a bad deal is branded as a “good deal.” Still, I enjoy ranting about what a rip-off they are.

When I saw an email from British Airways, advertising a “Better Island Vacation” I figured they were announcing new flights to the Maldives or some other exotic island. No such luck. Instead, they’re offering 2 free nights when you book a British Airways flight to anywhere in Great Britain.

I did a few sample searches and the only thing this island has in common with the Maldives is that you’ll spend the same amount of money on a 2-night stay. You be the judge of what is a “better island vacation.”

British Airways Better Island Vacation

Personally, I’d rather lounge on the deck of an over-water bungalow than stay at the Holiday Inn Stratford City miles from the center of town. Nothing against London – it’s on my travel list for this year, but I wouldn’t shell out $3,700 per person to fly there and stay at the Holiday Inn for 2 nights.

Not when a very basic search turns up fares of less than $1200 per person and the Holiday Inn goes for $146/night. Booked separately, this “better vacation” would cost $4,500 less.

I certainly hope no unsuspecting tourists fall for this “deal”…

Have you ever booked a “deal” only to find out it wasn’t one after all? Please comment below.

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  1. Just one bone to pick with your post. Statford is not miles from the centre of town. It´s a very good location for a hotel if you want to visit London. First, it´s the location of the Olympic stadium and new large Westfields shopping centre. There is very easy access to O2 arena via Jubilee, Overground will get you to the bohemian Camden Town area and Central will get you to St Pauls and Oxford Street in 20mins. The only problem is it´s on the wrong side for Heathrow.

    • PointChaser

      I personally think there are better locations (and hotels) to stay in London. Especially for the price of this package.

      • I agree but my point was to dispute your claim that Statford is “miles from the centre of town”. It gives a false impression of Statford as a good hotel location for London. If a non-Londoner found a great deal for a hotel in Statford I would definitely recommend it as a very convenient place to stay to see the sights of the city, especially if they’re interested in the less famous but equally as interesting North and East.

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