Trip Report: British Airways Business Class London – Dubai

The cabin crew were a jolly bunch. I don’t think I’ve ever used that word to describe someone, but it certainly fits here. They were genuinely welcoming and seemed excited about the flight. Amenity kits were passed around, which were simple, ragged looking bags with zip tops, stuffed with cheap samples.

The cabin was completely full, though it didn’t feel crowded. I liked the way the seats were set up. It felt very private, and once I sat down and the privacy shield was raised to my left, I couldn’t see any of my neighbors. The seats were very comfortable, though they might be a bit narrow for the average American.
British Airways Business Class

There was a good amount of storage space and a couple of outlets, which I used to charge my camera battery. Shortly before take-off, a flight attendant asked me to place my laptop bag in the overhead compartment. I did so, forgetting my camera was in there.

During the meal service, I looked through my purse and realized I left my camera in my laptop bag. Since the tray was down and my meal served, it was too much of a hassle to move it and grab my camera from the overhead compartment. So, unfortunately, there are no photos of the dinner I was served.

I was served a salad along with dessert, a pairing that I found strange. The salad was pretty much like the one on the >CDG-LHR leg, and the chicken was extremely dry. The main course was brought out afterward. This consisted of a fillet of Aberdeen Angus beef with shallot jus, colcannon and baby carrot Vichy (reading off the menu here). The steak was surprisingly tender and beautifully presented. My favorite part was the dessert, which consisted of chocolate and strawberry Mogador (aka chocolate/strawberry cake). After dessert, they handed out small packets of chocolates in commemorative Jubilee packets.

The entertainment selection was pretty abysmal on this flight, so I ended up watching Young Adult on my laptop. After that, I fell asleep until the breakfast service began.

This meal was very disappointing. Everyone received a tray with butter, jam, and a choice between a fruit bowl (which resembled fruit cocktail from a can), fruit yogurt, fruit juice or a fruit smoothie. No kidding. “Fruit Juice” was listed as a main breakfast item.

The flight attendants then walked around and offered everyone bread or muffins. That was breakfast. I would have loved an egg dish, no matter how disgusting some people find those on a plane. It would have beat the fruit bowl and chocolate muffin combo I ended up with. Not a good way to start your day.
British Airways Business Class

Aside from the breakfast, the rest of the flight was great. I got lots of sleep thanks to my lie-flat seat and looked forward to my flight to Kabul. What I didn’t anticipate was the adventure that awaited me at Dubai Airport and nearly caused me to miss my flight.

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  1. Which flight did you take from Dubai to Kabul and how was that?

    • PointChaser

      I flew Safi Airways, which is the best choice to fly to Kabul. The plane was new and the seats were huge. I’ll have a post about that segment shortly.

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  3. “Jolly, Happy, Cheerful” are almost never out of place when talking of BA in-flight staff or the British in general. The UK has never been known as a culinary destination, although they are improving a bit and there is no reason to think BA is any different. With a *chuckle,* it is not that they don’t care – they do. Those delightful folks just don’t know any better. (What would YOU expect from folks whose national dish is Mushy Peas?) As far as I know, the only UK resident who ‘eats in French’ is their sweet old Queen. I wonder if she’s ever tried Mushy Peas or a fatty Bacon Sandwich. Hm?

    • PointChaser

      You’re wrong. The Queen loves mushy peas. It’s all she dips her fish n’ chips into while she downs pints of Guinness.

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