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Big Crumbs: No More Fee-Waiving Codes for Amex Gift Cards

Reader Tim forwarded an email he got from Big Crumbs, and it’s bad news for Amex gift card churners. Starting today, Big Crumbs will no longer offer coupon codes for American Express gift cards. In the past, members shopping through Big Crumbs could get either card fees or shipping waived by using the codes listed on the site. Since Big Crumbs is no longer listing these codes, you will not earn cash back if you use a code (i.e. the current FSGRAD) for your purchase.

Big Crumbs American Express 3 Cash Back

This isn’t all bad for several reasons:

1. A higher cash back payout

Big Crumbs has temporarily increased its payout on American Express gift cards to 3% cash back. While this isn’t as great as the recent 4% payout offered by many major portals, it’s the highest offer out there right now. This increased 3% payout is temporary, but I do hope this leads to higher cash back payouts long term (I’m not holding my breath).

2. Use another portal

In the past few months, Big Crumbs’ Amex payout hasn’t been up to par with the other major portals, so if you absolutely want to continue earning high amounts of cash back while also taking advantage of coupon codes, consider one of the other major portals.

3. Off-set your expenses

If you’re loyal to Big Crumbs and they do offer the highest payout, there’s nothing to worry about. Why? Because whatever you save from using a coupon code, you may recoup with a higher cash back offer. In addition, you may want to sign up for the American Express Premium Shipping plan. It’s $99 per year and may well be worth it for those who place orders every two weeks. Recently, Frequent Miler reported that you could use the free shipping code (FSGRAD) to get the Premium Shipping plan free of charge. If this case isn’t available, you can also sign up for a free trial.

This new policy isn’t ideal, but this is just one portal making a change and thankfully we have other options.

Disclosure: I will earn a commission if you sign up with my Big Crumbs affiliate link and make purchases through the portal.

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  1. Do other portals allow codes to waive fees or shipping?

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