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Big Crumbs Increases Cash Back on Amex Gift Cards to 3.5%!

Cash back on American Express Gift Card

Updated 2/13/14: A reader has reported that the Big Crumbs offer is back down to 2.1%. TopCashBack remains at 3.5% through 2/15/14.

Yesterday I wrote about TopCashBack, Big Crumbs, and Barclays RewardsBoost running bonus promotions on Amex Gift Card purchases. Today, Michelle at Miles, Points, and Mai Tais notified me that the cash back for Big Crumbs as increased from 2.1% to 3.5%! It looks like they are directly challenging TCB’s 3% cash back offer.

If you don’t already have a Big Crumbs account, consider using my affiliate link, for which I will receive a percentage of sales. You can also refer other (include your links in the comments) and earn a commission every time they purchase anything through Big Crumbs. However, keep in mind that this current 3.5% payout on American Express Gift Cards does not qualify for a commission.

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  1. Ariana: how many purchases of 5K can I make? This is my first time trying this. Bought 5K on Sunday and cash back already posted! 🙂

    • Nice! You can do $5k per person, per day. I’m currently putting in multiple orders with the help of family members.

  2. is the 3.5% gone? i only see 2.1%, just got my new saphhire card and was going to pay my taxes with the amex gc?

  3. Thanks for the post! I was under the impression that it would be difficult to unload AMEX cards onto Bluebird, etc. How are you unloading the funds? Money orders?

    • PointChaser

      I use Amex gift cards to buy Vanilla Reload cards and load those onto Bluebird. With the huge profit margins on the Amex gift card purchases, you still come out ahead.

      • So just so that I understand the math then:

        1,000 in AMEX GC = 1000+30 cash back (3% at TCB). (Net up 30)
        2 500 VRs = 1000 VR – $8 in fees

        So net effect is profit $22 per 1000 in GC, assuming 3% cash back and no gift card fees at TCB. Is that correct?

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