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Audience Rewards Trivia Answers

Audience Rewards has updated it’s trivia questions, and lucky for you, I’ve got the correct answers below.  For a refresher of what Audience Rewards is, check out these posts.

What movie did the star of Newsies recently play a part in?

Joyful Noise

True or False? The child actor playing Ralphie in A Christmas Story was NOT in the show when it toured the midwest in the winter of 2011.


True or False? Elf is playing the same theatre this year that it did the last time it was on Broadway.


The man who plays the nice German soldier in War Horse (the one who takes pity on the horses) is married to what actress from the Law and Order series franchise?

Mariska Hargitay

Which of the following tracks is often played by a non-minority-raced actor in the cast of The Lion King?


Prior to Cinderella this winter, what was the last show that Victoria Clark performed in at the Broadway Theatre?

Sister Act


There you go. You just earned 12 easy points/miles. Check back often for answers to the latest trivia questions!

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