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Are You Claiming Your Daily 100 FREE Club Carlson Points?

Club Carlson is running its Global Giveaway, which lets you earn 100 miles per day for viewing their vacation lookbook. I listed this promo in the Club Carlson section of the Point Database, but completely forgot about it until I received a notice from Award Wallet that my Club Carlson point balance had increased. After scratching my head for a second, I realized those 500 points came from viewing the lookbook during the first week.

While I’m bummed that I forgot about this for the past few weeks, this promotion ends on September 24, so there is still time to rack up 1,400 FREE Club Carlson points. While this won’t get you into the Le Metropolitan, you can sign up your family members and then transfer all of their points into your account free of charge!

The lesson learned here is to check the Point Database often to keep track of promotions (even if you’re the one who’s managing it), and sign up for a point-management account for when your mental things-to-do list fails you.


The Lookbook

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