Ann Coulter Had a Meltdown on Twitter…and Delta Responded With The Perfect Amount of Shade

Disclaimer: This is not a “political” post. It’s meant to make you laugh. If you have no sense of humor, you should probably stop reading now.

Before I proceed, can we all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Ann Coulter was actually flying in economy class? A cabin filled with the types of people she has time and again expressed utter disdain for: Everyone. Anyway, being moved to a different seat was not going to fly and she let everyone know it. What followed was a two-day tirade over a seat re-assignment on a Delta flight. She was going after Delta pretty viciously and it was very entertaining. In a screwed up, Bill O’Reilly screaming “We’ll do it live!!!” kind of way. It was all very presidential.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all complained about airlines screwing up. It happens. Unless you’re Ann Coulter – then you use this incident to launch a crusade against Delta and harass the woman who got your seat.

(To be clear, the worst airline in America is, by a long shot, Spirit Airlines)

Instead of leaving it at that, Ann unleashed a flurry of tweets about how she had been wronged and how much Delta sucks. She was on a warpath and her hatred for Delta seemed to grow by the minute. Then things got ugly, which isn’t shocking if you’ve ever heard Ann Coulter speak on national television:

She then posted a photo of the woman who had been moved to her seat and began insulting her appearance. By the vitriol in her tweets, I assumed the FA’s had opened the emergency exit and pushed her out of the plane. No – they just committed the unforgivable sin of moving her from an aisle seat to a window seat. 

I don’t want to be totally unfair to Ann Coulter because we don’t know the full story yet, but it seems the flight attendants gave her pre-assigned seat to someone else, citing “an emergency.” The passenger in question didn’t appear to be “tall or an Air Marshall”, so Ann Coulter took issue with the seat reassignment. She then directed her wrath at the flight crew:

She became obsessed with the snub, tying endless seemingly unrelated topics to how much Delta sucked as an airline.

It came up when she shared a story about NASA, at which point her rage seemed to cloud her ability to distinguish between flight attendants and astronauts….

She managed to work her new slogan into a tweet about healthcare reform…



Immigration AND defending robots against criticism…

Confusing the Milgram Experiment with the Stanford Prison Experiment

North Korea

I was waiting for her to compare her ordeal to the Holocaust, but Delta stepped in with an apology and offered her a refund…for the full $30. No, it wasn’t about the money, but this incident certainly wasn’t worthy of a tirade that went on for 14 hours! I have to give Delta credit for issuing a response that was classy, with the perfect amount of shade. Delta essentially let Ann Coulter embarrass herself before apologizing, then lectured her for being an a**hole about it. Kind of like parents who let their screaming toddlers tire themselves out before giving them a time-out:

What was surprising about this whole incident wasn’t Ann Coulter acting like a hysterical jerk, but that the majority of people seemed to rally behind Delta: An airline that has incited the wrath of millions of customers for repeatedly devaluing their rewards program without warning and leaving members guessing when/if they’ll ever be able to redeem their miles. So congrats to Ann Coulter for bringing a divided country closer together, because apparently there is one thing Americans can find common ground on: Their dislike for Ann Coulter. 

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  1. Classy Ariana. Your Tweets and now your blog is turning into the same political ranting View from the Wing has become. You can do better.

    • What political party is Ann Coulter a member of? This post is written in humor and should be read as such. And there’s nothing wrong with being political – we don’t live in a fascist country and should absolutely feel free to express our differing opinions. You can tell me Ann Coulter is a saint from heaven and I certainly won’t be offended.

      • StopTheLove

        Shes a republican. We get you are a rabid lefty. Is this your lovetrumpshate schtick?Geezus already with your whining about the election and the party you voted for losing. You drone on about this with such an anger and hatred. Its so beneath you. Suck it up and vote again in 4 yrs for president.

        • Jeez, MileageUpdate – lighten up! When have I written about the election? And what does her being Republican have to do with anything? This is an individual who threw a toddler sized tantrum over having her seat changed. And I’m not a “lefty.” This absurd political categorization of anyone who doesn’t automatically subscribe to cult rules is juvenile. This post is meant to be humorous. If you don’t like humor and are going to be thin-skinned about having random strangers made fun of, then I suggest sticking your head in the sand because it’s everywhere and it’s not going to end.

  2. Sorry, put me in the majority who think Delta was wrong. I’d go nuts if I had selected an isle seat and told to move. I am a bit claustrophobic so if I can’t get an isle seat I don’t go. Whatever the reason Ann went a bit nuts, I give her the benefit of the doubt that there was a reason she did select the seat. It’s not cool to tell someone to move seats with no explanation. If the replacement passenger needed a particular seat, she too should have picked it just as Ann did.

  3. I still think Delta’s response was a fail! They didn’t tell her why they moved her, just that they would refund the cost of the premium seat.

  4. Ariana, Another well written article. Poor old Coulter, she just kept kicking the cow pile. And with every kick, the more it smelled.

  5. I think Delta was in the wrong. I would be irate if I spent $30 to select a specific seat and my seat was given away without any real explanation. With that being said, one tweet would have gotten the point across. Coulter made herself look like a moron. It was such an overreaction. I can only imagine how miserable she made everyone on the plane. If you travel often, you have to realize that this kind of stuff happens sometimes.

  6. I agree that DELTA was wrong. I don’t even know who Ann Coulter is but it’s clear from the article that you don’t like her and that’s why you support Delta. I imagine you would feel differently if this happened to an old lady or (gasp) a Muslim woman. If you pay for something, you should get what you paid for. Regardless of who you are. Period.

    • And if you don’t get what you paid for, you should get a refund. Hey! That’s what happened!

      I Loved the article. It felt nothing at all like vftw to me. I don’t really care who someone is if they play the dykwia game, which to me is essentially what these tweets are.

      Delta could have given a reason, but who among us hasn’t had an airline do something to inconvenience us, without any explanation? I spent 9 hours on a flight from Ord-dfw that as diverted twice, only had drink service once, and never heard an announcement or reason why. We all lived and made it to our destination, which is what we really pay for…

    • I certainly don’t like her (and I’m not exactly a Delta loyalist) but the reason I support the airline here is because the passenger behaved atrociously. They shouldn’t have given her seat away (or explained and apologized to her onboard), but she took it too far, making fun of the other passengers’ appearance and calling the flight attendants ratchet.

  7. I like your information on earning points but I’m leaving your blog. No time for a travel blog that’s political. Not why I tuned in.

  8. Ariana,
    While you may have found the time to take Ann’s tirad and turn it into something to write about…let’s remember that before you did this particular story, you started in on the twitter first with your own snide comments and basically high-fiving it with Delta over twitter…to make matters even more blunt, your leftie followers joined in on the tweet bashing of Ann (& kissing up to Delta)…which is a typical trait of the left when it comes to bullying a right-winger.
    And while you might not write outwardly of left leanings, I have figured a long time ago that you are definitely left leaning – it sticks out in your writing style & comments….and you can’t hide it. Sorry to point this out with no facts to back it up but it is my “own” belief in what I read from you and how I read you.
    On a more serious note from one of your readers (who tries to ignore your left leaning tilts from time to time), I was truly hoping at some point that you would turn this situation into a well written story for the rest of us (those who get screwed over by the airlines from time to time) & that you would critically dissect this story, without the disdain you have for one of the participants, into something we could all learn from. If this same situation happened to you, a family member or one of your followers, I’m sure your response would be MUCH different and something we can could have all learned from.
    I don’t agree with the way Ann handled this situation but there is something to be learned in the details…us travel blogger followers want to know what rights, if any, that we still have as a flying public and customers. Delta should NOT get off scott free here (even though the entire left will let them have a pass for how they treated a right-winger – Wait until they do this to one of their left trophy figures and it will be a much different story from the left). Delta F’d up and we Americans need legislation & a REAL USA passenger bill of rights similar to what Europeans have ( I can’t believe I actually wrote that) so that the airlines stop treating us like cattle they’ve been prodding for years and getting away it with.

    I so wished that this story had not gone political or an attack on Ann (Ann did go overboard Trump twitter style – no doubt) but there is something to learn here and unfortunately, most of the travel bloggers are left-leaning, self-righteous elitist who think they are a privileged class above the rest of us. I only follow most of them to learn and try very hard to ignore their political overtones and self-righteousness.

    • Your rant is way too long, so I’m skipping the last two paragraphs. I don’t care for Trump or someone like Ann Coulter, who makes a living saying disgusting, divisive, racist, idiotic things about vast groups of Americans. Plenty of conservatives have the same low opinion of her. If you see calling out bigotry and racism as a partisan issue, you are doing “your” side of the political spectrum a disservice. Also, lighten up. This post was meant in jest and you should learn to take a joke. Besides, Ann Coulter does this for a living and is enjoying every second of the negativity. She’s a big girl and doesn’t need you protecting her from big bad meanies.

  9. Who is Ann Coulter? Looks like an entitled c. Delta’s response was awesome!

  10. Wow! you can’t take the time to read a readers post because you feel it’s a rant?

    Word of advice…if that was humor, you should keep your day job MS’ing at Walmart because your so-deserving family, deserves another world-wide trip because they are so deserving and work so hard!

    BTW…Karma’s a bitch…hope you had a nice weekend!!

    • You’re as lovely and smart as your idol. Good job keeping this written diarrhea short so I would actually read it. Enjoy your day cupcake (P.S. karma’s not the only bitch around here).

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