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Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card with $100 Statement Credit

The Bank of America Alaska credit card has always been a quick and easy way to generate Alaska miles: One swipe of the card and you’re 25,000 miles richer. No spending requirements, just an easy swipe and you’re done. The fact that this card is churnable is a huge plus. If you don’t mind spending requirements, there’s an even better offer out there for the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card: Spend $1,000 within 90 days and you’ll not only receive 25,000 Alaska miles but a $100 statement credit.

Previously, this offer was displayed for those who were booking airline tickets, but now there’s a direct link. This makes it possible to take advantage of the two-browser trick. I once got approved for five Bank of America credit cards in one sitting (one Alaska card, two Virgin Atlantic cards, and two of those random bank rewards cards offered by Bofa), so you may be able to get more than two at once. Either way, this is an easy way to generate an easy 25,000 Alaska miles along with $100. You can use the miles to cover airfare and put the $100 statement credit towards the cost of a hotel.

Meeting the $1,000 spending requirement isn’t even a factor in deciding whether to pick up this card or not – even without Redbird, most of us can spend $1,000 with our eyes closed, before the card even arrives in the mail! Aside from the easy spending requirement, the Alaska Airlines credit card is also great for the annual $99 Companion Fare. The Companion Fare can offer tremendous savings on flights to Hawaii, especially during a fare sale.

Whether it’s the sign-up bonus or the annual Companion Fare, this is a great offer for the Alaska Airlines Visa. Even though the sign-up bonus is relatively low, I prefer this over the 50,000 mile offer from a year ago, which had a $10,000 spending requirement that would now undoubtedly involve a long line leading to a broken Bluebird kiosk at Walmart…

HT: Howie from Frugal Travel Guy

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  1. I was holding off going for this card. Seems like I shouldn’t now with the better sign-up deal going on. I can smell the Luau already!

  2. nobody important

    all the bloggers are talking about this card, now that they killed redbird to keep clicks up its time to kill something else off too?
    the game is ending folks, everybody back to work at a stupid job and a vacation at Motel 6 from now on.
    the game was always meant to target big spenders and the rich, not the kind of people that ended up filling Lufthansa first class seats.
    Say good by folks, soon AK will end up dead too.

  3. if churning this card do you recommend closing the previous cards and how long would you wait before applying for the next card?

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