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AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Account Balances Merging

If you’ve been (im) patiently waiting for your US Airways Dividend miles to merge with your AAdvantage account, you might want to check your balance. I logged into my Award Wallet account last night and noticed an increase in the AAdvantage balances that I manage. With the exception of my dad, none of us have a credit card sign-up bonus on the way, so I knew this had to be the Dividend Miles being deposited into each AAdvantage account. Upon logging into my AAdvantage account, I discovered that the miles had in fact transferred. The transfer date is listed as 3/25/15, though I checked my balance on Saturday and it hadn’t been updated.

US Airways American miles merging

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to finally have my mileage balances combined. My AAdvantage account took quite a hit after I booked several flights to Bali this summer. The 54,823 “stray” Dividend miles I had left were difficult to redeem since US Airways did not allow one-way award redemptions for half the cost of a round-trip. So now they’re all together in one account, where I can put them to good use. The only thing that worries me is that the merger will trigger major changes to American’s award chart. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen or that they’ll at least give us a heads up before it does. 

Be sure to check your AAdvantage account to see if your AAdvantage and Dividend Miles accounts have merged. I wouldn’t worry about it if your miles take a while longer to transfer. Millions of accounts are being merged, a process that is likely not without flaws. 

Have your Dividend Miles and AAdvantage accounts merged yet?

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  1. I am still waiting on US Airways credit card sign up bonus miles from a recently signed up (within the last 60 days) cards to be posted.

    I inquired with US Air about a week ago and was told “it could take up to 60 days to post”.

    Also, what might happen to miles that our Barclays US Airways card is still earning??

  2. I guess a similar question is…

    Going forward, spending on our Barclay US Airways cards that we currently hold, as well as the new Barclay AAdvantage Aviator cards we will all soon be getting…along with the current 50% more miles promo…do you believe they will just add the miles to our existing AAdvantage Frequent Flyer Accounts?

    And on the note of the 50% more miles promo…do we have to spend $20,000 to earn the max bonus of 10,000 miles, for a net gain of 30,000 miles?

  3. Hey, I just started following you and am wondering where and how you find out about the crazy cheap (and generally incorrect flights? ie Round trip ticket to Asia for $450)

    Thank you!

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