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500 Bonus Miles With Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Update: As of November 17, 2015 the Hawaiin Airlines MileFinder’s search function has been discontinued.

Hawaiian Airlines is offering bonus miles this month for using the Hawaiian Miles toolbar. The toolbar underwent a major devaluation recently, with earnings from searches being capped at 1,000 miles per month. That is still generous, as most others toolbars limit earnings to 100 miles per month.

Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar 500 miles

Through April 30, you can earn the following bonuses on top of the regular 1 mile per 3 searches:

Pro: 100 Searches = 100 Bonus HawaiianMiles

All-Star: 250 Searches = 250 Bonus HawaiianMiles

MVP: 500 Searches = 500 Bonus HawaiianMiles

If you’re searching under more than one HawaiianMiles account, the 500 point bonus can add up nicely. For example, in my family there are 4 accounts, which means we’ll be earning an extra 2,000 points this month. Not bad for something we use anyways.

Plus, if you have a Hawaiian Airlines credit card, you can share miles between accounts free of charge.

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  1. Lets say I don’t naturally use the Hawaiian Airlines Search toolbar. So I do 500 searches to earn 500 miles. I could transfer those miles to Hilton points at 2:1, so 1000 HHonors points at .5 cents each. Or $5.00. How long might it take me to earn that $5.00? Can you do 5 searches a minute? One every 12 seconds for a valid search? So 100 minutes or most of two hours? So you’re earning, what, $2.50 an hour for your time? Is this a good use of your time?

    • PointChaser

      @ Glenn, this toolbar replaces Google for me. As part of my job I use it quite a bit. 500 searches in one month (or 17 per day) is easily done and requires no additional effort.

  2. Piss poor search engine, and miles never post.

  3. Hilton Fan

    So many possibly Hilton points!

  4. The splash page states 500 searched = 500 bonus miles.

    However, the T&Cs state: “Upon conclusion of the Entry Period, Sponsor will award 100 bonus HawaiianMiles to participants who performed 100 – 249 qualified searches, 250 bonus HawaiianMiles to participants who performed 250 – 499 qualified searches, and 250 bonus HawaiianMiles to participants who performed over 500 qualified searches. The maximum amount of bonus HawaiianMiles awarded to any participant shall be 250.”

    Now the last sentence says max of 250 per person; is that a typo? Or is this going to be an even bigger waste of time than it first appeared?

    • PointChaser

      @ Thomas, that’s very misleading of them. Wonder why they’re advertising it as 500 points when the T&C states otherwise…

      • Obviously it begs the question: Which is actually correct?
        Although it’s hard to imagine that they would have an incorrect graphic so prominently on the splash page, and then not fulfill it.
        Hopefully it’s just some old copy in the T&Cs.

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