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$50 Virgin America Statement Credit from American Express

$50 Virgin America statement credit from Amex Sync offers
$50 Virgin America statement credit from Amex Sync offers

If you’ve got upcoming travel plans that involve Virgin America (at least $250 worth), you might want to sign into your American Express account and see if you’ve been targeted for the $50 statement credit. The offer is good on purchases of $250 or more made directly with Virgin America. Direct bookings include those made online, through the call center, or at Virgin America airport locations. The $50 statement credit will appear within 90 days after the promotion ends (i.e. 1/15/15).

The offer I received, as well as the promotion page, specify that the promotion is good through January 15, 2015 and only valid on Virgin America airfare purchases. The terms specifically exclude in-flight entertainment, point purchases, and award bookings. So I wouldn’t go buying $250 worth of points or gift cards in hopes that the $50 statement credit might come through anyway.

This particular offer appeared under my Starwood Preferred Guest American Express account (ironically, the same card that’s currently on the chopping block). This offer seems to be targeted, so not everyone will be eligible for it, but as usual you should check the “My Offers” tabs under all of your American Express accounts. My Offers can be found next to each card’s “transactions” tab. 

This serves as another reminder to check your targeted American Express sync promotions frequently. Recently, there were targeted offers for $150 in AT&T statement credits, which is enough to cover most people’s cellphone bills for at least a month. There have been various other great promotions, including Amazon and Uber, to name a few. Check the “My Offers” tabs under your Amex credit card accounts every couple of weeks and you may come across substantial savings on everyday purchases. If you’re in the git card churning game, you may come across statement credit offers for one of your sources.

Have you been targeted for the $50 Virgin America statement credit from American Express?

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  1. This is not a good deal if you have Arrival+ and you MS. Otherwise, OK.

    • True, but with so many ms opportunities going away, charging airfare to an Amex card and getting 20% off is as good as it gets for some people. Even if you’re ms’ing with Visa gc’s, it costs $18.75 in fees to generate $2250 worth of spend on the Arrival Plus card (enough for a $50 discount). For some people, a deal like the Amex sync offer saves a lot of time and hassle.

      • Agreed Ariana. Thanks to you I am able to get close to 65% off on the surface of travel expenses using Arrival+ and have burned a lot of points this year. I look at it this way. Save $50, spend $200 or spend $250 and then save $160 on paper. My actual savings is closer to $140 if you include time and gas. I am currently located in a very friendly MS area. Off course things can change very quickly as this game is constantly evolving. Keep up the good work Ariana.

        • I’m glad to hear it, RL, and thanks for your kind words. Out here in the Bay Area, ms has gotten more and more difficult. If it come to an end, Arrival will definitely be my go-to card as a way to get discounted travel.

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