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5 Reasons to Get the 30,000 Point SPG Credit Card

It’s the weekend, which means you are about to get bombarded with emails, tweets, and all manner of status updates about the 30,000 point SPG card sign-up bonus ending on September 14. So is the hype justified? Is this the greatest credit card offer in the world? Should we administer public lashings to anyone who doesn’t have one of these cards and strip them of their citizenship? In my unbiased opinion (i.e. I don’t have any affiliate links), it’s absolutely worth getting the 30,000 point SPG credit card if you don’t already have it. Here are five reason you should jump on the 30,000 point offer before it’s gone:

30000 point Starwood Preferred Guest Amex Card

1. This Is as High as the Sign-up Bonus Gets

While 30,000 points is pretty measly for any other credit card, this is as high as the sign-up bonus gets for SPG credit cards. American Express credit card sign-up bonuses can’t be earned more than once. So if you’re going to get an SPG credit card at some point, you should get the highest offer possible. There are limited ways to earn SPG points other than hotel stays, rental cars bookings, and the two co-branded SPG credit cards. So those 30,000 points are nothing to scoff at.

2. 30,000 SPG Points Can Go a Long Way 

A lot of people (not earning a referral commission) scoff at 30,000 SPG points, insisting it’s nothing to get excited about. However, when you consider it within the context of the SPG award chart and other redemption options, it actually goes a long way. SPG’s award redemptions range from 2,000 – 35,000 points per night, though there are properties with limited participation in the program, like the W Retreat & Spa Maldives, which require nearly double that amount.

Considering the current sign-up bonus for this card gets you upwards of 15 free nights at a Category 1 hotel, that’s still pretty generous. Even if you opt for a top-tier Category 7 award, you’ve got one free night, which you can extend with a Cash & Points stay. Regardless of how you utilize points, you’ve got flexibility thanks to SPG’s reasonable award chart. And the fact that the credit card sign-up bonus comes in the form of points rather than nights.

3. New Card Benefits

The foreign transaction fee has long been a huge negative of the SPG credit cards. However, that fee has recently been eliminated, which means you are free to use your credit card abroad without incurring a 3% penalty. In addition to this change, both versions of the card get you free premium wireless internet at participating hotels as well as unlimited Boingo wifi access. SPG Business credit cardholders get the added benefit of club lounge access at Sheraton hotels. If SPG branded credit cards weren’t that attractive before, the new list of benefits definitely makes them more appealing.

Along with the new benefits comes a higher $95 annual fee for both cards. That fee is waived the first year. So you don’t lose anything by getting the card and then axing it afterwards. That being said, I would choose the SPG Business Credit Card over the personal version. The same $95 annual fee gets you all of the same benefits plus Sheraton club lounge access. The business version of the card gets you access to OPEN Savings, which includes a 5% discount at Hyatt hotels. I don’t know about you, but along with Amex Offers, this benefit is why I’ll be holding onto the business card long term. 

4. Lower Spending Requirements

The spending requirements on the SPG personal credit card has become much more manageable at $3,000 within three months. Previously, cardholders would earn 10,000 points after first spend and then another 15,000 after $5,000 was spent within 6 months. The amount of monthly spend you have to complete has actually increased, since you’re being given less time to complete it. However, that’s still an extra $2,000 worth of spending that you can channel towards another credit card. Meanwhile, the spending requirement for the SPG business card is set at $5,000 within 3 months – a manageable amount if you factor in a bit of creative spending.

5. Extra Points Through Refer-a-Friend

Once you’ve banked the 30,000 point sign-up bonus, you can generate an extra 55,000 SPG points every calendar year for referring friends who in turn sign up and are approved for the card. This isn’t a perk exclusive to the 30,000 point offer. It’s still worth considering if you’re looking for reasons to pick up the SPG branded credit card. Especially if you’re worried about how to keep earning points past the credit card sign-up bonus. Speaking of which, if you need a referral, let me know. 😉

That’s my unbiased defense of the 30,000 SPG card sign-up bonus. It’s not the greatest credit card offer in the world. But with limited options for earning SPG points, we can’t expect mega sign-up bonuses. Or turn our noses down at the only two credit cards that allow us to earn this particular currency. Want to take advantage of the increased 30,000 point offer on the SPG credit cards? Be sure to apply and get your approval by September 14, 2015.

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  1. The Lounge access is only for the primary card member. It doesn’t extend to additional card holders, right? Not much use unless one is single..

  2. I have the SPG personal for about a year. Will I get sign on bonus if I apply for SPG business

  3. I have had the business and personal cards. Is it true it’s a once in a life time bonus point per product?

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