Earn 4x Rewards on Dining With Swagbucks

It’s been a while since I’ve covered SwagBucks on this blog (Yazing’s cash back rates have generally been better). In fact, I had completely forgotten about SwagBucks until they turned up on CashBackMonitor while I was searching for a niche merchant. So I clicked through and found something interesting: SwagBucks Local is now offering 10% cash back at restaurants. Are you seeing dollar signs yet? Because you should!

SwagBucks Local pays out 10 Bucks per $1 spent at participating restaurants. That’s equivalent to 10% back. Swagbucks can be redeemed for PayPal cash, charitable donations, and popular merchant gift cards (including the travel category). Why is this such a big deal? Because you can stack this deal with other rewards-generating tools to earn even more cash and miles.

Swagbucks Local 10% Cash Back at Restaurants
Earn up to 10% back at restaurants with Swaybucks Local!

1. Pick the most rewarding credit card. The most obvious way to milk this is to use a credit card that offers category bonuses at restaurants. The Sapphire Reserve is a great option (forget the disparaging things I previously wrote about this card). You’ll want to link the same card to your Swagbucks account so that your restaurant spending is tracked and rewarded accordingly. Swagbucks is currently offering a 100 SB bonus for linking your card to Swagbucks Local.

2. Register the card with dining rewards programs. Another lucrative way to maximize this promotion is to register your rewards credit card with a dining rewards program. It’s an incredibly easy way to earn miles without even trying. And since Swagbacks Local isn’t part of the same dining rewards networks as most other airline and hotel programs, you can register the same card in two places. I would personally link a card like the Sapphire Reserve to both Swagbucks Local and Southwest Rapid Rewards Dining. Southwest’s dining rewards program is the best out there because you can earn free flights much easier and the miles count towards the Companion Pass. 

3. Use your card at participating restaurants. Swagbucks Local is pretty limited in terms of the number of participating restaurants. In my experience, most participating restaurants are located in major cities. That works out fine for frequent travelers, but it’s not so great if you live in the suburbs. Still, I recommend you check the map at the bottom of the registration page and link your card regardless. It takes a few seconds and rewards are paid out automatically when you dine at a participating restaurant.

So to recap, you pick the most lucrative rewards credit card and register it with the most lucrative dining rewards program. Then register that same credit card with SwagBucks Local and use it to dine at participating restaurants. You’ll earn 3 – 8 bonus miles per $1 spent and the equivalent of 10% cash back. Not bad for a few clicks of the mouse!

It’s also worth pointing out that Yelp has a similar cash back program. I forgot I even registered my card, so it was a nice surprise to get a notification of a ~$15 credit after a trip to San Francisco. The credit will be transferred to my bank account at the end of the month. There are no minimums, which is pretty awesome! Yelp’s bonus is a little lower at 7%. However they have more participating restaurants and you can quadruple dip by registering your card with both Swagbucks Local and Yelp.

Anyway, these dining rewards programs are a great way to generate extra miles and cash back. More importantly, it’s super easy – you sign up once and you never have to think about it again.

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  1. Swag and Dosh seemed to be connected. Couldn’t link my card because of it.

  2. Swag and Yelp are definitely connected.

  3. FYI Living Social also seems to use the same network as Swag/Yelp.

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