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24 Hours Only! 2.25% Cash Back on Amex Business Gift Cards from Top Cash Back!

Reader Brian passed along an email announcing that Top Cash Back is offering 2.25% cash back on American Express Business gift cards. This sale is for 24 hours only and since I have no idea when this went live, let’s just assume it’s ending tonight (Note: Reader Trevor says it went live some time around 1 AM PT). If you’re due for an American Express gift card order and have access to an EIN, then you should definitely take advantage of this promotion. The normal payout for Amex gift card purchases is 1.5% and aside from Top Cash Back, there are very few shopping portals still offering payouts on Amex gift cards.

2.25 cash back on amex business gift cards

American Express Business gift card orders are limited to $100,000 per 14 days, so I’d buy as many gift cards as you can reasonably unload. For most people, that’s $5,000 – $10,000 via Redbird or Amex for Target prepaid cards. Others might deal with the inconvenience involved in turning Amex gift cards into money orders to liquidate extra gift cards.

On a $10,000 order you will earn $225 cash back. Subtract the $19.75 gift card fees and $5.95 – $8.95 shipping cost and you’ll end up with $199.30 -$196.30 in profit. Keep in mind that only gift cards in denominations of $2,000 or less are eligible for cash back, so you’ll need to buy five $2,000 gift cards to total $10,000.

There are a few options for unloading these Amex gift cards. Target Redbirds are free to load/unload, while Amex for Target incurs about $12.75 in fees per $1,000. The Amex – Visa – money order method will have the added cost of Visa gift cards ($3.95 per $500) and money orders ($0.20 – $0.89 each), however you’ll still come out ahead thanks to the 2.25% Top Cash Back payout.

If you’re going to purchase Amex Business gift cards during this 24 hour promotion, I recommend you take screenshots of the entire transaction in case it isn’t tracked. I have yet to have a problem with Top Cash Back, but plenty of people complain about them so it’s best to be safe and keep records in case you’re not paid for your purchase.

If you don’t currently have an EIN, you can apply and get approved for one immediately online. Since this website is technically a business (though it barely generates income), I got one months ago and the process is quick and easy. It’s definitely worth getting, in case you ever max out the $10,000 limit on Amex personal gift cards and need to rack up extra spend in a short time frame.

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  1. anyone else not seeing $2k cards as an option on the Amex GC site?

  2. I got 2 $1k cards, did not apply my handy ‘fee free’ codes, I read that it could void the deal.

  3. Grace Espejel

    Great thanks! Question why do I need an EIN? I thought is was as simple as buying the amex card and unloading it to redbird to pay the credit card. Thanks for your help!!!

    • For business gift cards you need to provide an EIN. With regular purchases, they ask for your SSN. It’s how they keep track of the $10k limit per person and, I assume, monitor potential money laundering activities.

  4. for target amex, additional 3 to load per 1000 so effectively about 15.75.

  5. Thanks, Ariana! You are so helpful on manufactured spending techniques. Have you found that AmEx purchases don’t track easily on I had to file a “missing” claim and then it seems to take forever to get the money. What has your experience been?

  6. for EIN, can we just use our SSN?

  7. Hi Ariana,

    How did you come up with $19.75 gift card fees when order $10,000 Amex gift cards? The cash back will be void if the gift card over $2,000, and the maximum for one card you can order in order to receive cash back is $1,000 in denominations. Totol of gift cards free (10 $1,000) is $39.50.

  8. Hi Ariana,

    Why would you purchase Amex GCs when Target does not let you load Amex GC. I bought 2 amex GC from staples, and they both don’t work. Am I missing something here? I know that they don’t have 4 digit pins, which is why it doesn’t take the load. What is your recommendation? My only other option is to buy visa/mc GC, but then I would be losing out on the card fees again.

  9. Can Anyone answer this question? I just got approved for Amex Business Plat. Will purchasing gift cards from Amex website count towards min spending? Thanks

  10. Can these gift cards be unloaded onto Serve?

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