2016 Chicago Seminars Tickets on Sale

Tickets for the 2016 Chicago Seminars, scheduled for October 14 – 16, 2016, went up for sale this morning. The Chicago Seminars is an annual event that takes place in Elk Grove Village, IL. It’s about 15 minutes from O’Hare Airport. Some of your favorite points and miles bloggers will be there to talk about their areas of expertise in this hobby, along with fellow hobbyists ranging from newbies to the guy who’s been doing this since before some of us were alive. I’ve attended twice so far and had a great time. It’s too early for me to know for sure if I can make it this year. But I’ll buy a ticket anyway and then try to make it work.

Chicago Seminars 2013 Registration

Ticket prices are very reasonable. For $105, you get admission to all sessions over the 3-day event. Plus lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and coffee/snacks throughout the event. If you haven’t attended a points and miles conference before or are new to this game, I would definitely recommend the Chicago Seminars. If nothing else, you’ll meet a lot of great people and feel normal for a weekend.

The event organizers have arranged a $94 group rate at the host hotel, Holiday Inn Chicago Elk Grove, which includes breakfast (group code CHI). Last year I chose to stay at the Hyatt Centric the Loop, but I would definitely stay at the host hotel this time around, just for convenience sake. Be sure to check out the Chicago Seminars 2016 FlyerTalk thread for details about speakers and topics being covered. 

For an overview of the event, you might want to read my recap of the 2013 and 2015 Chicago Seminars.

Are you going to be at the 2016 Chicago Seminars?

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  1. Went last year and it was awesome commiserating with fellow Flyertalkers who were bummed with the recent demise of Redbird. (Because your normal friends just don’t understand.)
    If it wasn’t for you and your advance notice of the shutdown I would have been stuck floating $5-$10K worth of GC’s until I got my Serve account (and they subsequently shut that one down too.)
    This year I actually won’t be able to attend. I’ll be in LAX en route to SouthPac with my family on a trip I made happen with points and miles. 🙂

  2. CancerisKIng

    I won’t be supporting guys like this and his pimping. Don’t think this guys make a lot of money off his follower think again.

    • You’re referring to The Points Guy – he’s not organizing or speaking at the Chicago Seminars. The Frugal Travel Guy team puts this event together. I’m sure TPG is earning a lot from his blog and enjoying it. Good for him.

  3. I’ve been involved in this hobby (albeit moderately) for three years, and I’m considering attending the Chicago seminar this year for new ideas (as my MS options have run dry). Made my hotel reservations, since that’s an easy cancellation if I wind up not being able to attend. Do these seminars usually sell out? I’m just wondering how far in advance I need to buy a ticket or if I can hold off a little longer.

    • From what I know, it didn’t sell out last year. If they do sell out and you decide to go later, chances are there will be folks on Flyertalk, who can’t attend anymore, trying to get rid of their tickets. So I’d say you have a pretty good chance of finding one maybe 1-2 months before the event.

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