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2 Days Left: US Airways 100% Transfer Bonus Promotion

US Airways Dividend Miles 100% Bonus Point Promotion
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The US Airways 100% transfer bonus promotion is ending on December 6, 2013. You can transfer up to 50,000 Dividend Miles at a time, for a total of about $567. The person you’re transferring the miles to will receive a total of 100,000 miles. While US Airways frequently runs these promotions, this one is by far the cheapest way to stock up on Dividend Miles.

US Airways Dividend Miles are one currency you shouldn’t be short on right now. Why? Because US Airways has one of the most generous award charts out there, not to mention access to valuable Star Alliance inventory. You can get a Business Class flight to Asia, with a stopover in Europe, for 90,000 miles roundtrip. The same flight would cost 120,000 miles on United. A roundtrip First Class flight to Australia (with a stopover in Asia) is just 130,000 miles roundtrip, as opposed to 160,000 with United. Earn and burn these miles while you can – especially, since United is undergoing a major devaluation next year that will put partner First Class seats out of reach.

You can hold on to these Dividend Miles and wait for the merger to complete. There’s been some talk about US Airways leaving the Star Alliance on March 1, 2014, though a rep has denied this. In any case, Dividend Miles will convert to AAdvantage miles, though there are no guarantees that the program will stay the same. If you have plans to travel with Star Alliance, I’d recommend this promotion as a cheap way to redeem for premium cabin.

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  1. I thought most bloggers teach that buying miles is a big no no….is it really a good deal to spend $500+ to buy/transfer 50K miles?

    • Generally it’s not a good idea to buy miles, but this promotion is the exception. You’re essentially buying 50k points of $500. Considering a business class ticket to asia and europe is 90k, this is a fantastic deal.

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