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$15 Off Mastercard Giftcards at Safeway

Those who shop at Safeway are probably familiar with the Just4U program. Those who sign up get personalized discounts separate from safeway member discounts. Once you sign up, you can add coupons to your profile, and the discounts get applied to your total at the register.

I signed up today just to see what it’s about and noticed a promo for Mastercard giftcards. Through May 21, you get an instant $15 discount at the register when you purchase any Mastercard Giftcard worth $100 or more. The deal is limited to one per account, valid through 5/21/13. Availability might vary by region.

$15 off Mastercard Giftcards at Safeway

When I checked my local store, they offered these cards from $25-500 with a $5.95 fee. The cashier claimed I couldn’t buy the $500 giftcards with a credit card, but the $100 cards were fine.

Depending on which card you use, you can earn between 91-273 miles and come away with a $9.05 profit. If you’re using the American Express Blue Cash Preferred, you’ll forego the miles but earn an additional $5.46 cashback, bringing your total profit to $14.51.

For those who aren’t aware, it is now possible to cash out Mastercard Giftcards by loading them onto an Amex Bluebird card.

This isn’t a huge point or cash payday, but it’s easy to do. And you never know how frequently these promotions will run, so I recommend signing up for the program so you don’t miss out.

Is this promotion available in your area? Will you take advantage of it?

Note: I do not benefit financially from the credit card link in this post.

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