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$15 Off American Express Gift Cards at Office Depot

A reader tipped me off to this American Express gift card deal at Office Depot he found in a newspaper: Get $15 off with the purchase of $150 in American Express gift cards. The purchase fees  on these cards vary between $3.95-$5.95, but even so you’re earning a profit with the discount and when you factor in the 5 points per $1 earned when you pay with an Ink Bold/Ink Plus card. Some stores may give you a hard time with credit cards, but if you’re able to find one that accepts them, this is a pretty easy way to generate some extra points and cash.

$15 off $150 American Express gift cards at Office Max

If you go for the minimum $150, you’re looking at 750 Ultimate Rewards points with the Ink card, plus around $10 profit. If you were to convert your points to cash, you’d look at an additional profit of $7.50. Some stores limit the number of cards, but even if there isn’t a limit, I wouldn’t go nuts and buy the whole rack (remember the rules of manufactured spending).

These periodic gift card promotions from office supply stores are a great way to generate a quick buck and points. Plus, these cards are fairly easy to unload. With American Express gift cards, you can load them onto your American Express for Target cards or use them to buy pin-enabled Visa gift cards and load those onto Bluebird.

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  1. I was able to get 2*$150 at one OM store. The manager wouldn’t allow me anymore 🙂

  2. Had trouble loading GC to Amex Target today. Went to a different Target yesterday and loaded all the AMEX GCs without any problem.

  3. Thanks! great tip! I am currently in an area that is Office-Depot dense, and was able to visit *several* locations on successive days, and get the instant rebate and rack up the Chase UR points each time! Also, Staples ran a similar promo the same week, but with instant rebate form needing submission, so bought GCs at both office stores on the same days!

    • PointChaser

      I believe Office Max also ran one this week. I love these promotions. They’re great even if you just end up using the gift cards for regular purchases.

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