Club Carlson

1,000 Club Carlson Points + FREE Apps & Zerts

Join TGI Friday’s rewards program by November 30, 2012 and get 1,000 FREE Gold Points, plus your choice of FREE apps and zerts.

That might be misleading. You have to choose between appetizers and desserts, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use a great Tom Haverford line.

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  1. Do you put your membership number in the survey code? Nothing mentions Carlson.

    • There’s a year-old discussion on MilePoint about this. Apparently, they match your email address to your Club Carlson account and grant your points that way. I will try to get an email response from CC, confirming this.

  2. same question as above, dont see anywhere on the application to enter Calson Mem # ??

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