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$10 Discount on Visa/MasterCard Giftcards at Safeway

I walked into my local Safeway yesterday and came across a great new promotion they’re running: Through October 8, buy a $100 Visa or Mastercard giftcard and get $10 off your next shopping visit. This isn’t a straight $10 discount, but considering most of us buy our food at grocery stores, it still comes handy. It takes care of the $5.95 fee and a pint of ice cream to stave off the summer heat.

Safeway giftcard promotion

Use a card with a bonus category payout and this purchase nets you 200-600 free points. The promotion is limited to 1 per household, so it’s not going to be a money maker, but it’s an easy offer to take advantage of.

Safeway runs some decent promotions on Visa and Mastercard giftcards from time to time. A while ago they offered $15 off MasterCard giftcards for those enrolled in Just4U, and several times they’ve offered bonus gas rewards on giftcard purchases.

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  1. My local Safeway stopped accepting CC’s for Visa/MC gift cards…did you buy yours without a problem?

  2. Would it be possible to use the $10 discount to buy another Visa gift card?

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