Park Hyatt Sydney: Room Service and Breakfast at The Dining Room

The day we arrived at the Park Hyatt Sydney, my cousin and I decided to order room service for lunch. The view from the balcony was amazing and it gave us some time to get ready for a family gathering nearby.

Room Service

Any time I can find Spaghetti Bolognese made with all beef, I go for it and this did not disappoint. However, the pasta she ordered was pretty bland. The staff member who delivered the food offered to leave us the cart, which was great because it can be awkward to sit there while someone prepares your food for you.

Park Hyatt Sydney Room Service Spaghetti Bolognese

Room Service

Park Hyatt Sydney Room Service Lunch on the Balcony

Lunch on the balcony

We sat out there for so long, we ended up running late for the party. It was both mine and my dad’s birthday, and one of my cousins rented a banquet hall. There was delicious food, music, and a stage where I got pulled up, presented with a birthday cake, and showered with presents by my extended family. It was probably the nicest thing anybody has ever done for me and the highlight of my trip.

At the end of the night, we headed back to the Park Hyatt, which wasn’t far from the restaurant. The doors were closed and there was nobody at the valet desk, but eventually an apologetic bellman pushed open the sliding door and ushered us inside.


Diamond members get complimentary breakfast served in The Dining Room, and you can order a la cart or choose the buffet option. The continental buffet breakfast is 35 AUD per person, while the full breakfast is 45 AUD and includes buffet and an a la carte item off the menu. A la carte items range from 15-$25 AUD.

The Living Room, which is the restaurant located in the lobby, also offers a continental breakfast at the same price. This place was pretty much deserted, so if you  want a table with a view and a more quiet atmosphere, The Living Room may be a better option for you.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Living Room Restaurant

The Living Room Restaurant

When we arrived, the restaurant was packed. The hostess seemed frazzled and kept going in and out of the dining room, checking for open tables. It took less than 10 minutes for us to be seated and even though I had specifically asked for a table with a view and the hostess confirmed we’d have one as she walked us to the table, we were instead seated next to a couple who had a view. I guess you can argue that it fit the bill. I understand pretty much every guest walking into the restaurant asks for a table with a view, and I would have been fine if the hostess had just said this was the best she could do. Instead, she had a bad attitude and after directing us to our table, took off without saying a word.

The Dining Room Restaurant

The Dining Room Restaurant

I noticed the majority of the guests were Japanese tourists along with a few locals (if I’m interpreting the accents right). Considering travel hacking isn’t as big in Australia and Japan as it is stateside, this made me think my parents definitely immigrated to the wrong country…

Park Hyatt Sydney The Living Room dining area

The dining area, after things quieted down

Shortly after sitting down, a waiter took our order. I ordered the eggs benedict with a side of corned beef hash. We also checked out the buffet before placing our order and while it was pretty extensive, I decided to order off the menu. Fresh squeezed orange juice was delivered shortly after, with fancy glass stirring sticks that nobody would blame you for mistaking for straws.

I noticed the table in front of us freed up and asked our waiter if we could move. He said, “Of course!” and told us to have a seat while he brought our drinks over and set the table for us. The table was promptly cleared and we were settled in no time.

Initially the blinds were down, but when the glare disappeared, the waiter pulled the blinds up and opened the windows to let in fresh air. The view was pretty incredible. If you’re going to stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney, make sure you have a table with a view at least one morning during your stay.

Park Hyatt Sydney View from The Living Room Restaurant at Breakfast

View at breakfast

After a while, breakfast finally arrived. I’m not a fan of any kind of brown bread, so I wasn’t too crazy about what looked like whole wheat English muffins. I got over my narrow mindedness and it wasn’t so bad.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Living Room Breakfast Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon

They also brought me a side of hash browns instead of corned beef hash. I pointed this out and it wasn’t until I was finished eating that the corned beef hash was served.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Living Room Breakfast Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash

No, I did not insert the wrong photo. That is the Park Hyatt’s version of corned beef hash, which looks nothing like the heap of freshly ground cow they serve at IHOP.

Afterwards, I ordered a latte, which was well presented and a nice way to top off the meal. Having gone several days without caffeine, this was a much-needed boost.

Park Hyatt Sydney The Dining Room Breakfast


The crowd started to die down and our waiter checked on us several times, without making us feel rushed. It seemed he spent as much time taking photos of giddy tourists as he did serving food and checking on them. The service overall was good, with the exception of the hostess, but I’ll chalk it up to a busy morning for her.

When our bill arrived, I knew it would be in the neighborhood of 100 AUD, and figured I’d sign for it and it would be removed at check-out. Instead, the staff proactively removed the entire balance and the total came up to $0. I did throw in a tip, which was added to my bill at check-out.

Park Hyatt Sydney Breakfast in the Living Room

Breakfast bill

Rooftop Pool

After breakfast, we headed up to the rooftop pool to take some photos before heading out for some sight seeing. The pool was fairly small and packed, so I couldn’t photograph it without getting about a dozen half naked guests into the shot, who I’m sure wouldn’t be happy about it. I tried my hand at an angled shot, but that was a disaster.

Park Hyatt Sydney Pool

Rooftop Pool

If you can’t enjoy the view from your room, the lobby, or any of the on-site restaurants, you’re guaranteed amazing views from the rooftop.

Park Hyatt Sydney Rooftop Views

Views from the Rooftop

We headed back to the room to grab our stuff and head out. It was around 11 AM and late checkout was at 4 PM. I contemplated leaving my bag in the room, thinking we would be back by then. I’m glad I dropped my stuff off at the front desk instead, because we didn’t make it back until almost 9 PM! The Assistant Manager was manning the front desk and was as friendly as before. She asked how my stay was before reading off the bill and asking if everything sounded ok. She then had me sign it and provided a copy in a shiny gold envelope.

Since it was so late by the time we made it back, we decided to stay another night. The Park Hyatt was sold out, so I booked the nearby Hilton. One of the bellmen brought my bag out from storage and I headed to the business center for computer access. There was an agent manning the concierge desk and when she saw me walking towards the steps, she quickly came to my aid and carried my bag up the steps.

Park Hyatt Sydney Concierge

Concierge Desk

The business center consisted of several walled off work spaces, mimicking an office (minus the obnoxious cubicles). If you really needed a quiet place to get work done, this place would be perfect for it.

Park Hyatt Sydney Business Center Work Space

Business center work space

After booking the Hilton, which had a promotional rate of 59,736 points per night (I know – not much of a discount!), we went back outside and I asked one of the bellman to get us a cab. He suggested we wait in the lobby and he’d come get us when the cab arrived. Less than three minutes later we were off to the Hilton.

Overall Impression

The Park Hyatt Sydney is a very unique hotel in terms of its location, outstanding service, and accommodations. Sure, it had a few short comings, but I would stay here again in a heartbeat. The hotel does a perfect job of creating a warm, inviting atmosphere where, despite it’s status as a luxury hotel, you feel welcome and not out of place. If you’re in Sydney, try to stay here for at least one night. There is no other hotel in the city like this one. Even at 30,000 Gold Passport points per night, it is more than worthwhile. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

Park Hyatt Sydney Opera House Views from The Living Room

View of the Sydney Opera House at breakfast

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