Airports Where Lyft Pickup is Allowed

My post on Airports Where Uber Pickup is Allowed has been so popular, I wanted to follow it up with a list of airports where Lyft drivers are allowed to pick up passengers. Lyft is available in just 206 cities across 32 states, but I’ve always had a great experience using the service and would absolutely recommend keeping the app on your phone. For starters, there are times when Uber may not be available or surge pricing is especially high – Lyft might be cheaper and you might have credits to cover the fare. More importantly, Lyft recently beat Uber to the punch in getting approved for pickups and drop-offs at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. With rideshare apps not necessarily being treated the same by airport authorities, it’s best not to rely too heavily on one service.

Oakland International Airport - one of the airports that allow Lyft pickups

Oakland International Airport – one of the airports that allow Lyft pickups

I reached out to the Lyft PR team to find out which airports allow Lyft pickups and was surprised to find that they have an actual page listing this information: One for general airport information and one exclusively for California airports. Both of these pages seem to be targeted towards Lyft drivers, but they contain information that is useful to passengers as well. Scanning through both pages, I was able to generate a single list of airports served by Lyft:

Some airports have specific rules about where passengers can be picked up and dropped off, so if you’re traveling through any of them, be sure to consult the hyperlinked airport pages above for this information. For example, at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Lyft passengers must meet their drivers in a designated parking garage, with the location depending on which terminal they’re in. Terminal 1 passengers get picked up on Level 2M while Terminal 3 passengers meet their drivers on the Valet Level of the parking garage. Passengers dropping off a rental car at the McCarran Rental Car Center get picked up on the far left lane next to the Taxi loading area. Lyft drop-offs at McCarran International Airport are much simpler: Passengers are dropped off in the departure area, just like any other ride.

The one time I rented a car at McCarran International, it so was inconvenient and time-consuming that I would have been better off walking to my destination. I imagine being able to use a rideshare service like Lyft in Las Vegas is a relief to most of you as well.

Lyft is growing much slower than Uber, but if all goes well their services will continue to expand to major airports. Lyft has been working with authorities at Los Angeles International Airport for many months now to try and get their drivers approved to legally pick up passengers at the airport. The process, which was supposed to have been completed by the end of this summer, has been repeatedly delayed due to issues related to paperwork. Hopefully it will get resolved early next year, but in the mean time, Lyft drivers are free to drop off passengers at LAX. (Update: As of 12/23/15 Lyft is officially able to pick up and drop off passengers at LAX).

I’ll be keeping this page up to date as more airports are added to the Lyft portfolio. If you don’t have a Lyft account yet, you can earn $20 towards your first ride by using my Lyft referral link.

Have you used Lyft for airport rides? Which airport are you hoping Lyft expands to next?

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Ariana Arghandewal


  1. I haven’t used Lyft but I’ve had no problems using Ubervat airports they’re not supposed to visit. The Uber cars don’t look any different from a friend picking you up or dropping you off.

    • My Uber driver in Chicago almost got busted dropping me off and in Hong Kong there was a long walk to get to an area where the driver could pick us up without getting into trouble. It’s so much more convenient when drivers can pick you up and drop you off legally without the threat of a fine.

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